A large population of the world is affected by type-2 diabetes today.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by several factors, including

  • overweight and obesity
  • not being physically active
  • insulin resistance
  • genes
  • excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates

What is type-2 diabetes? It is your body’s inability to metabolize sugar or glucose into energy. Hence, excessive unused glucose in the body leads to diabetes. Thus, in the long run, if not taken care of, it can affect different orangs of the body. In order to control the side effects, one needs to control the blood sugar levels through a lifestyle change.

Symptoms of diabetes include

  • increased thirst and urination
  • increased hunger
  • feeling tired
  • blurred vision
  • numbness or tingling in the feet or hands
  • sores that do not heal
  • unexplained weight loss

One can control the risk of type-2 diabetes with simple modifications in diet and lifestyle. It is essential that one adopts a healthy lifestyle, i.e. by eating food which is vitamin and mineral rich like dairy and non-vegetarian sources of protein, saturated fats like ghee, butter, coconut oil and very less carbohydrates. Managing stress and exercising regularly for at least 30mins.


1. It’s free!

Outdoor workouts can be conducted in parks/gardens, on your home terraces, any place that is safe and well lit. That’s it! No fees, No membership required!

2. It heals 

Workouts in the outdoors help one to get away with depression and anxiety as sunshine has the tendency to increase serotonin, a hormone that affects your mood.

3. Your body is challenged 

Your body is more challenged when you are working out on a rugged surface than on a flat indoor surface.

4. A source of mental relief 

Outdoor workouts are often more fun and enjoyable as compared to indoor workouts.

5. There’s no going back

There are high chances of you sticking to outdoor workouts because of its perks mentioned above!


An individual cannot be diagnosed just by looking at their physical appearances and blood reports. It is important to understand their emotional quotient in order to reach & understand the source of their problem.
Before any health program is taken ahead Mental Conditioning of the person is important. Why? Until the person is calm and in the right state of mind, the desired results cannot be achieved & hence mental conditioning is required to bring about a positive change in the person’s thinking and attitude.
Mental Conditioning can help the individual perform better in physical tasks. There are certain qualities which need to be imbibed into the person positively. These qualities can help them lead a better life.
JOF believes not in the average way of life but a life which aims at synergy between Mind & Body.


Performance Recovery is the highest form of recovery in order to ensure that a person recovers from an intense workout or physical routine in the best manner possible. The goal is to develop improved sleep patterns, provide better rest to the nervous & muscular systems and have a good digestion and impart the benefits of the Performance Training & Nutrition.
Rest and Recovery protocols have been defined by JOF in order to improve rejuvenation of the mind and body. These protocols include Sleeping techniques, Rest times, Massages and their types depending upon the condition of the person and the issues faced. It is imperative that we focus on the the recovery format aptly in order to experience a good quality life.


Performance Nutrition aims at helping people improve their metabolism, performance & also reverse lifestyle disorders. At JOF we have combined Performance Nutrition with Ayurveda in order to help individuals across all age groups and genders achieve the best possible results. It is often seen that people eat less of wholesome food and more those which have low nutrient intake.
Performance Nutrition addresses the cause of the problem at the base level.
At the base level, we try to understand the individual and the various deficiencies in their body, help them overcome and ensure the person doesn’t consume food with lesser nutrient values. Modern dynamics of food have changed and hence it is imperative that we improvise and keep up with the times.


Performance Training is a unique training methodology which has become the need of the hour. It aims at improving human capacities in various dimensions of life. But why should one choose Performance Training over Indoor Training? Let’s look at it this way. Suppose you’ve been training in a gym for a couple of years now, but when it’s time for you to use those muscles they under perform.
Performance Training along with physical fitness aims at improving mental adaptation rather than utilizing the energy of your body for performing tasks. By doing so, you may not have the need to warm yourself up before beginning a task! You can get down to the task, start performing and complete it effectively. Especially in the outdoors (even in the wilds).


For a long time now, humans’ have been obsessed with being outdoors.
Majority of the mankind has always been out in the open amongst the nature and benefitted from it in various forms. It is only in the last few years that people have been forcefully sitting indoors and working, resulting in their lifestyles becoming more of indoors than outdoors. This has also had an adverse effect on their physical and emotional health.
JOF INDIA (Joshuaa’s Outdoor Fittness) in 2016 came up with the idea of providing Performance based Outdoor Training & Performance Nutrition in order to help individuals strengthen their capacities when it comes to outdoor activities and also help them to tackle modern lifestyle problems.
At JOF, the approach to reversing lifestyle disorders is a combination of modern sports training & nutrition along with Yoga & Ayurveda.